Friday, June 29, 2012

Watch a monkey movie for FREE !!!

Hey gorilla gang,
 Bongo here inviting you to watch me do my gorilla thing in "Nyoka the Jungle Girl Rides Again !".
You can see the movie in glorious black and white for a limited time at ;
Please feel free to leave comments about the film , and any criticism's are welcome too.
I think you'll like it, so grab some popcorn and a soda and enjoy !
Tell 'em Bongo sent ya !

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tokyo King Kong

Ya gotta love a city that has such a love for giant monsters, that this type of decoration is commonplace!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Ingagi gets fired up !

One of the more odd bits of film promotion comes from the film INGAGI.
To spread the word, the theater owners had specially printed match books as give aways to attending audiences brave enough to see the ape-ic film INGAGI !
Matches were a sure bet as the film was geared towards an adult audience, with nudity, and implications of simian bestiality. The film was shot in a documentary style, and the producers originally tried to pass off legendary gorilla man Charles Gemora as a genuine gorilla.
But the problem was that the gorilla happened to have a bad habit of dragging naked native women into the jungle and ravaging them.
As a result of the uproar due to the subject matter, the producers were forced to disclose that it was indeed, a work of fiction, and that the gorilla was actually a man in a suit.

 The matches vividly illustrate the basic premise of the film, with beautiful comic style artwork, complete with topless native girl.
This is a great collectible for this nearly lost film.
I say nearly lost because I believe there are only two prints of INGAGI known to exist.

We were alerted to these fantastic pics by the great, George" E-Gor" Chastain!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Perilous Primate Hijinx !

One of the goofiest gorilla gags in films I've seen in a long while, was in the classic  spoof "Perils of Pauline" 1967.
The set up is the classic "confusing a real gorilla for a guy in a suit".
The confusion is only the beginning, the ensuing chase that follows is completely nuts !
Rather than try to describe this lunacy, you can see it right here, all cued up and ready to go.
The gorilla action starts a minute or to into the clip and runs to the end. You can watch the entire movie if you are so inclined by clicking the various chapter tabs in order .

The guy in the "fake" monkey suit is veteran British comic actor Terry Thomas.
The "director" is played by character actor Vito Scottie.
As for the "Real" gorilla ? here's a few points of interest;
The costume was made by the famous Don Post Studios, makers of the greatest masks ever !
The head of this furry fellow was sculpted by the incredible Marcel Delgado .
If his name doesn't ring a bell, Marcel is the artist who sculpted and fabricated the 1933 King Kong stop motion puppets !
To say Mr. Delgado knows apes in an understatement.
Here is were it gets a little weird....originally, the ape in Perils of Pauline was to be a white gorilla.
As bad luck would have it, it was decided after the suit was finished that they changed their mind and would rather it were a traditional dark gorilla.....The next morning !
 Here is the tale as printed in the pages of Famous Monsters of Filmland.
The sculpted gorilla truly is an amazing piece. It was later reproduced in latex rubber and sold by Don Post studios as part of their catalog.
The Delgado gorilla as it's come to be called was used for studio rental suits and appeared in this famous pose with the stunning Raquel Welch as Blonde Venus !