Sunday, July 15, 2018

Beer guzzlin' gorilla !

The 1960's were a magical time in the world of creative advertising.
This is a time when such "adult" things as cigarettes and beer were staples in commercial campaigns
The beer commercials were especially clever, using elements evocative of classic themes as Spy movies, adventure film, and a never ending variety of beautiful women.

One such genius advertising campaigns was for Falstaff Beer.
This series that ran in the early and mid 60's, feature  legendary Gorilla Man, George Barrows as a cuddly beer swilling simian , who for all appearances is the boyfriend of a cute brunette, in a variety of themes and settings.

So for your viewing pleasure, I give you ...Falstaff  Beer ! Gorilla approved...Gorilla guzzled !


Now if you'll excuse me...I'm going to pop a cold one !

( a special thanks to the gang at Ape Suit Cinema for helping procure these !)