Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fred Humes and friend....part 2

Time for another check in on the the late great saddle back simian Fred Humes.
We first met Fred in part one of this post. and now shed a little more light on his mysterious past.
 Thanks to the tireless efforts of our fellow historians, the great George "E-gor" Chastain, and the
frighteningly knowledgeable Doctor Kiss, we have uncovered more amazing facts and fantastic photos of  Fred Humes !

A fellow cowpoke to old "Crash" Corrigan!

As these incredible close-ups from "Circus Rookies, 1928", provided by Doctor Kiss show, this version of Fred's mask (different from the one he wore in Lorraine of the Lions) was similar in appearance to both Charles Gemora's and Emil VanHorns masks. The general appearance is nearly identical to Charlie's suit from "The Circus Kid 1928", but the eye opening is like that of VanHorn, a single large opening rather than two individual eye openings.
                                       A pretty nifty cover photo of Fred as "BIMI".

Louise Lorraine and Bimbo the Gorilla in "Circus Rookies  1928".

Compare the Humes head above, to the Charlie Gemora head from "The Circus Kid" below.

There ya go pardners, another cowboy gorilla to hang out with Crash at the Knuckledragger Ranch !

Sunday, May 19, 2013

E-Gors Gorilla Goodies !....The King !

This installment, E-Gor thrills us with not one, but two great autographs from the great Fay Wray !
And not to be outdone ! E-Gor created this incredible piece of artwork celebrating the lives of Forrest Ackerman, Ray Bradbury, and the great Ray Harryhausen !
After using his devious artistic skills, to capture the likenesses of these 3 gentlemen, E-Gor next turned his attentions to capturing the autographs of each of these amazing men.
Sadly, with the passing of Ray Harryhausen, we've lost all these legends.
But in true legend form, This amazing trio will live on in our hearts and imaginations and continue to inspire skilled artists like our old friend E-Gor here!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

May 12th means..........HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOB BURNS !!!

Happy Birthday Bob !!!!

From Bongo Chris, Gorilla Man Mark, and the gang here at Hollywood Gorilla Men, and Craig and the gang at Ape Suit Cinema on Facebook !

A little Birthday wish from Bongo !

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Charlie Gemora : Genius Monkeyman .....has been funded by Kickstarter !!!!!

Hey monkey folks,

A very special thanks to all who pledged to help fund this great documentary !

Give yourselves a great big hairy hand !

Thanks for helping guys !

Incredible life size Charles Gemora sculpture by master artist Jason Barnett.

Beware of possessive Gorillas !

A little fun from Bob and Kathy Burns  !
Don't mess with Tracy's girl Kathy !

Friday, May 3, 2013

Ghost Busting Goodies...coming soon !

Hiya gang !

Exciting news from Bob( Kogar) Burns !

You may remember a while ago, when we broke the news of the "The Mighty Kogar" model kit by Moebius Models, featuring likenesses of Kogar, Tracy, and the great Bob Burns himself !
Now, to accompany your Tracy version of the kit comes...The Ghost Busters !
No, not the Bill Murray movie from the 80's, but the classic Saturday morning Filmation series from the early 70's !
Thanks to our friend Steve (Cult-TV Man) Iverson ,Tracy can once again rub elbows with his Ghost Busters team mates Kong (played by Forrest Tucker) and Spenser (played by Larry Storch) !
Here is a sneak peak Bob sent me of the exciting new kit, coming soon, exclusively from Cult-TV-Man !

And more great shots from Steve Iverson , courtesy the Cult TV Man website !

You can still get the great Kogar kit from Cult-TV-Man !

Be sure and check out all the cool optional sets to transform  the Kogar kit into many classic SCI-FI characters!
Keep watching here for updates about when this great kit is available !