Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Happy National Gorilla Suit Day ! Janaury 31st 2015

It's that time of year again gang !
As we all know, Mad Magazine legend Don Martin created National Gorilla Suit Day originally as a skit in Mad....Never realizing it would catch on as a real, honest ta gosh holiday !
Now anyone who owns, or can borrow, or rent a gorilla suit can participate !
 Or if you can't get a gorilla suit, you can coat yourself in glue and roll on the floor of a barbershop and celebrate too !
 The thing is to go out into the world, and do a gorilla suit !
Go to a party, hang at a bar, go shopping, yard work, whatever gorilla suits your fancy !
Just be SAFE in what you do ! no driving or anything dangerous wearing a suit safe, and have fun !
That's what Don Martin had in mind when he came up with it, and fun is the name of the game !

Here are some shots of  Movie Monster making Monkey Man Chris Walas and myself celebrating last year....So take photos of yourselves doing your gorilla thing !
You can send your photos to and see them right here !

Now....GO APE !!!!!

ZOOT !!!