Saturday, September 22, 2012

a picture is worth a thousand....


  1. After awhile i did notice her earring.
    Just discovered a Gorilla movie I never saw called Gorilla at Large. Have you primates ever done a write up on that one?

  2. Always keep your eye-out for the hidden Gorilla, otherwise they'll make a monkey out of use.

  3. My first time viewing Gorilla At Large was in the 80s when there was a brief attempt to do 3D TV. But the movie is for me a great gorilla movie because of Cameron Mitchell and Raymond Burr. Great actors who could be hams when needed.

  4. Great idea Mark, I hadn't realised that Gorilla at Large had gone
    missing from our blog.
    I'll get on it and do a ton of screencaps, and publicity photos.
    You are right DonHo57, about Raymond Burr and Cameron Mitchell being hams, but these 2 HAMS, are out classed by the GAMS of Anne Bancroft !

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