Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Men in Suits....a brilliant documentary!

If you've ever wondered what it's like to be a gorilla man, or any kind of monster man for that matter,
then this is the documentary for you !
I got this incredible film from my dear gorilla brother Kogar as a gift, and I can't stop praising it.
The steps one goes through, both physically and mentally in preparing for a suit performer role,
are brilliantly spelled out through a series of interviews by the biggest names in the business.
Not only does writer/director Frank Woodruff introduce you to a host of modern practitioners of this fantastic art form, but you are also treated to the reminisces of some of the legendary monster masters as well.
Men who's creature alter egos have terrorized and thrilled audiences for over 60 years!
And who are these mad men? On film you may know him as Godzilla, but now you can meet Haruo Nakajima, and hear his stories of destroying Tokyo as not only Godzilla, but many of the other famous Toho Studios monsters as well!
You will also hear hilarious tales of monkey madness, with master Gorilla Men, Bob"Kogar"Burns, John"Gorillas in the Mist"Alexander,and Don"American Tourister" Mcleod.
Don's story of his gorilla's encounter with Minnie Mouse, is worth the price of the disc alone!
There is touching tribute to the monster men of old as well, men like Charles Gemora, Ray"Crash"Corrigan, Ben Chapman, Regis Parton, George Barrows, and a host of others too numerous to list here.
You will also be introduced to the new generation of the creature crew in the likes of Doug" Abe Sapien"Jones. Tom "Aliens"Woodruff Jr., Misty "Congo"Rosas, and the really big guys, Doug Tait, and Brian"Hellboy"Steele.

Witness the creation of a state of the art creature called Abominog, from the casting of actor Douglas Tait, to footage of the actual filming of this awe inspiring eight foot terror from the depths of hell! If you see a creature in a current film, that's over seven feet tall, it's likely Douglas Tate, or Brian Steele!
But this being a site about Gorilla men, I am of course, a bit biased toward the furrier members of this crowd, and Gorillas are well represented !
Besides the legendary Gorilla Man Bob Burns, you get the equally legendary Don Mcleod, you get current monkey masters, John Alexander and Tom Woodruff Jr.!
And as a special treat, we'll meet Hollywood Gorilla Woman, Misty Rosas!
There is a great deal of behind the scenes footage of these great actors doing what they do best, and keep a sharp eye out for Verne "Mini-Me"Troyer as a Baby Gorilla in footage from the movie "Instinct".
This film runs the gamut from rampaging reptiles to Robby the Robot, from Creature from the Black Lagoon, to Alien. If it's ever creeped, lumbered, slithered, swam, flown, or loped across the screen, chances are you will find the guy who played it here!

You can buy this great film here...
Your gonna love it, it's Gorilla Men approved!

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