Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Castle Films Presents....White Gorilla !

Hey Gang !
What a treat we have in store for you this time !
My good friend Craig Scott Lamb has taken the have been classic White Gorilla , and turned it into a TRUE classic in the finest tradition of Castle Films !

What are Castle Films you say ? Well back in the dark ages before we had Internet streaming, DVD'S or even VHS videos, the only option to own your favorite movies was to buy it on actual film and put it on a projector...just like at the theater !
The place to get them was Castle Films !
Castle Films were shorter, digest versions of your favorite films, featuring all the great Universal Monsters, travel films, comedies, adventures, and every other genre imaginable !
Castle's could be ordered from many magazines back then including the legendary, Famous Monsters of Filmland !

Craig meticulously crafted the notoriously laborious White Gorilla ( starring iconic gorilla man Crash Corrigan as an ape, and himself ! ) into an exciting, faster paced adventure yarn from the classic  days of cinema !

And the best part of all ??? Craig owns Castle Films, so yes, this is a REAL live Castle Film for the modern day !

So without further ado, We now present....White Gorilla !

Now, pop up some popcorn...grab a soda, and enjoy White Gorilla !

Speaking of Crash Corrigan...Craig is in pre-production on and amazing biopic about the amazing life of Crash Corrigan, called appropriately enough...CRASH !!!!

Keep checking in here my fellow ape fans, as we'll have incredible coverage on Crash from the creators themselves including several gorilla men you know !


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