Wednesday, May 9, 2012

George has a Date with the Angels


The great George Barrows shows up for more hairy hi-jinx on the not so classic series Date with the Angels.
The series starred Betty White as Vickie Angel and Bill Williams as Gus Angel .
The stories revolved around the newlywed Angels, and their day to day adventures in their all-American middle class neighborhood.
In this episode, the Angels return home from vacation to find a stuffed gorilla in their bedroom,
victims of Gus's practical joking co-workers at his insurance offices.
Gus decides to up the ante by hiring gorilla impersonator, Mr.Kelly (George Barrows).
Needless to say, all doesn't go quite as planned, and hilarity ensues....well , OK, maybe not hilarity exactly, more like a few chuckles, but you get the idea.
George really gets to show his comedy skills here and you get to see a lot of him with the mask off !
Truly a rare treat if ever there were one !

Date with the Angels ran from 1957-58, and lasted a  33 episodes.

Watch it here, kids !

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