Saturday, March 1, 2014

Coming a DVD near you !...Monster Gorilla !

Hi gorilla gang !
Once again old Bongo finds himself behind the ape ball, trying to keep up with all my ape-ly duties.
If you're wondering why I've been so negligent of my HGM duties, well I've teamed up with Nightveil Media, and Marauder productions to bring you a new classically styled monkey movie !
Working from a script by yours truly, (under my human guise of Chris Casteel ) Producer/Director
Bill Black has crafted a really fun romp mirroring all the classics of the past !
What are these classics you ask ? (go ahead, I'll wait)
Oh, glad you asked !
Well, in Monster gorilla you'll find inspirations from :
The Ape Man
White Pongo
Bride of the Monster
Bride of the gorilla,
And a slew of others that inspired elements of the film, some which are actual story elements !
 The film stars the stunningly beautiful Heather Brinkley as the hapless heroine Heather.
The  co-stars include the incomprehensibly manic Bill Fredericks as Vornoff. The talented Scott Mena, Yours truly Chris Casteel as (you guessed it ) a gorilla ! And introducing the newest member to our gorilla family,( a gorilla girl, though she plays a male gorilla) daughter, Kelley Young !
Kell is a real chimp off the old block, giving a fantastic performance.
The film will be presented in several formats: a 30 min. color version, a 30 min version in glorious Black and White , a 20 minute film festival version, and an extra special 12 minute version specially mastered to look like an authentic Castle Films version ! Plus A few surprises !
For those unfamiliar with Castle Films, before the advent of VHS as a home movie format, the only way to watch movies at home was with an 8 mm, super 8 mm, or 16 mm film projector.
The films were available from many catalogs and classic magazines at the time, including the legendary
Famous Monsters of Filmland !
Castle Films is now owned by the great Craig Scott Lamb who is also the owner of American International Pictures !

Here is the Trailer for Monster Gorilla ...Enjoy gang !!!


  1. Does anyone know if this was released on DVD? I'd love to add it to my collection!

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