Sunday, March 16, 2014

Veddette Iris Chacon.... To Hot to Handle !

Hiya Gorilla Gang !

There is nothing quite as nice as a good friend who surprises you with something super cool !
Well this time the surprise is far from cool...In fact it's incredibly hot !

My stunningly beautiful mermaid friend, Medusirena saw this photo and immediately thought of her old pal Bongo !

This incredible photo features the unbelievably sexy Latina singer, Veddette Iris Chacon !

Iris's back-up dancers  are a group of randy monkey men, all intent on carrying the Puerto Rican sexpot off as gorilla's tend to do when they find a beautiful girl within grabbing distance !
The sharp eyed readers of this humble blog will recognize the monkey masks the dancers wear as the Don Post Studios "Hollywood Gorilla ".

Watch this video and see for yourself, why these poor gorilla would risk third degree burns trying to make of with the scorching hot Iris !

And once again, a very special thanks for this incredible photo sent to me by my lovely mermaid
 friend, MeduSirena Marina !


  1. Fiji mermaids and Hollywood Gorillas. Yeah, there's something there.

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