Sunday, March 25, 2012

Beast Wishes Premier!

The long awaited documentary chronicling the exploits of Bob and Kathy Burns is finally here !
Co- producers Frank Dietz and Trish Geiger,have done an amazing job on this labor of love for a great many of the fans and friends of Bob and Kathy.
They are having the premiere screening at the ArcLight Cinema in Hollywood on April 12th. Tickets are available at
Frank and Trish will provide info for DVD sales as soon as it is available.
The special guests are a veritable who's who in Hollywood, featuring some of the finest the movie industry has to offer. See above for a few of the guests.
Besides being the most beloved gorilla man ever, Bob is the worlds foremost historian of cinematic simians.
Gorilla man and myself have have invaluable information of the historic gorilla men given to us by Bob, and through Bobs generosity, we pass the information on to you, the readers of this humble blog.
A huge thanks to Frank and Trish for making this awesome film happen !

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