Sunday, March 18, 2012

Calvert and Corrigan doin' the jungle boogie !

Our friend Doctor Kiss has outdone himself with his amazing discovery of stock footage reels of Steve Calvert, and possibly Ray Corrigan ( or at least Corrigan's ape suits), doing pass after pass in front of the cameras from either Jungle Jim's, Mark of the Gorilla , or the Lost Tribe.
It becomes humorously apparent that the two monkey men are running in a circle around the camera, in the first clip.
While the second clip features Calvert VS. a lion in a fierce battle to stay awake long enough to get the shot.
The poor lion even lies down after his first sniff of Calvert's suit.
Old Leo mustered up enough energy to prop himself up on furry adversary to get some semblance of combat.
It goes to show how skilled film editors can turn a feline snooze fest into a terrific battle !
The truly amazing thing about these clips, is the clarity of the film.
I've never seen such clear footage of these masters of monkey menace !
The gorilla footage in the first clip start at approx. the 6 min. 28 second mark.

Both these incredible clips are found on Internet Archive, and can be downloaded from there.

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