Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Charlie Chan at the Circus

Here is a very cool poster, for Charlie Chan at The Circus, starring Warner Oland.
The artwork is beautifully done in classic noir-ish style.
The brightly colored hero and heroine are being watched over by the somber toned looming visage of Charlie Chan. They are all being stalked by a monstrous beast  of a gorilla emerging from the shadows.....Now that's a poster!!!
From what I was able to make out on this print on YouTube, the gorilla appears to be one of Charlie Gemora's gorilla suits.
Who's in the suit? Well...I've come to realize that you can't judge an ape by it's cover.
There have been recent discoveries of other men wearing Charlies outfits, and those who had suits built by Charlie.
Because of this confusion,(the norm for gorilla men) it's damned hard to say who exactly this little gorilla is.
Whoever it is, he does one hell of a good job as this fierce Little beastie!

At any rate, the great detective, found himself embroiled in a monkey mystery with our even more mysterious little gorilla friend in.....

Have fun at the circus kids!

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