Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mr. Pickles....a new gorilla in our midst!

Hi Gorilla Gang !
Old Bongo wants to take a moment to introduce you to a new gorilla friend for us to play with!
While browsing through the Classic Horror Film Board a couple of years ago,I happened upon an amazingly talented gentleman named Jeff Carlson. Jeff was displaying an incredible assortment of monster related designs based on the classic Mani-Yack iron on transfers from the 60's.

The artwork and designs were all new, but so faithful in design and execution, that they were indistinguishable from the originals. Jeff was making these available both as vintage style vinyl wallets, or as t-shirts.
The design that REALLY caught my eye was none other than dear brother Kogar! Bob Burn's great apes Kogar AND Tracy, were brought to vivid colorful life by Jeff's skilled hands.

 I stared at those delightful images for countless minutes like a kid with a new Sears Christmas Catalog. A short while later, I got an email from Bob about a fellow who was working on a suit of his own , and would I mind giving him a little input. I'm always ready to support a fellow gorilla man, so I readily agreed. To my surprise, this seeker of gorilla knowledge was the self same Jeff Carlson!

Jeff had already sculpted a wonderfully comic interpretation of a gorilla, with a look of un-adulterated mischief , thus was born Jeff's alter ego...Mr. Pickles!

I could tell immediately that this was a labor of love for Jeff, and he was well on his way with it.
I think I may have offered a few pointers about padding, but Jeff had everything else already accommodated for. His solution for the padding was eventually his own interpretation as well, and looked absolutely brilliant!
I got an email from Jeff a short time later telling me that he was treading in Emil VanHorn's footsteps by booking a gig at a burlesque show, in the classic beauty and the beast style.

The rush of your first professional, or semi professional outing as a gorilla man is an unforgettable experience, and I think I was as excited as Jeff was!
Jeff has kept at this new found addiction of being a gorilla, and participated with several more burlesque shows, and other promotional events.
Jeff continues to produce amazing artwork as well as his appearances as Mr. Pickles and you can find Jeff's great T-shirt designs here....

The design that currently catches my eye, (besides the Mr.Pickles shirt is this beauty!
If this doesn't capture the essence of a gorilla man fan, I don't know what does!
No die hard gorilla fan should be without one!

Mr. Pickles, doing his best Tracy the Gorilla impression!
So kick back and enjoy these photos of Jeff Carlson's ......Mr. Pickles !


  1. Has Bongo ever done a burlesque show?

    1. Not Bongo, but my previous gorilla alter ego "Gorga" may have had a hairy hand in a few girlie shows. ;)

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