Saturday, March 2, 2013

E-gor's Gorilla Goodies....Spook Show Gorilla!

Hiya Gorilla Gang,
Old E-gor has unearthed a gaggle of ghostly goodies for us with these great shots from Dr. Silkini's Asylum of Horrors!
Silkini, a great stage magician, made a specialty out of live Spook Shows, appearing at theaters across the country.
The shows usually consisted of a series of skits, and full size stage illusions performed in a macabre setting.
No floating ladies here folks...floating heads, yes. Frankensteins monster ? Absolutely! . One of the highlights was a classic Peppers Ghost illusion, where a girl turns into a gorilla. The gorilla, or Apeman as he was billed ,was played by Bob Smith , and you'll never find a ghastlier Apeman .

 E-gor is the proud owner of the Ape-mans autograph, as well as Silkini himself, Frankenstein, and Silkini's evil assistant Egor....Any relation E-Gor?

Feast your eyes here folks, on the magic of Silkini !

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