Sunday, April 28, 2013

Charlie Gemora...Genius Monkeyman !

Hey gorilla gang,
As all of our Hollywood Gorilla Man members know, one of the most influential, and defining Gorilla Men of all time was the great Charles Gemora.
Charlie set the bar for all gorilla men, extremely high., and continued to do so throughout his career.
Charlie's ape suits show a steady evolution in realism that culminated in his incredible suit "Sultan" as seen in the classic " Phantom of the Rue Morgue" in 1954.
Sultan remained the most realistic gorilla suit in film until the advent of Rick Baker in the 70's.
This alone speaks volumes , about the level of skill and talent Charlie possessed.

But Charlies innumerable talents go far beyond his work as a gorilla man !
He was not merely proficient, but an absolute master in the arts as a sculptor, painter, portrait artist, Make-Up artist, special effects, screen writing and production design.
And if you can believe it , he was also a producer, director, and inventor!

Now you can help to bring our favorite gorilla into the spotlight , and allow Charlies contributions to finally acknowledged !

Hollywood special effects artist Jason Barnett ( and all around great guy) has made it a personal quest to see that Charlie receives the recognition he so richly deserved.We've already touched base on Jason's amazing life-size figure of Charlie, but this is far more important.
Jason's new documentary ;

needs our help ! If you can help out with a donation, please do !
This is a more than worthy cause gang, because if not for Charlie, this humble blog may never have existed !  Please click the link, and see what Jason, and Diana Gemora (Charlies daughter) have in store on this great effort !

Tell'em Bongo from HGM sent you !


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