Friday, May 3, 2013

Ghost Busting Goodies...coming soon !

Hiya gang !

Exciting news from Bob( Kogar) Burns !

You may remember a while ago, when we broke the news of the "The Mighty Kogar" model kit by Moebius Models, featuring likenesses of Kogar, Tracy, and the great Bob Burns himself !
Now, to accompany your Tracy version of the kit comes...The Ghost Busters !
No, not the Bill Murray movie from the 80's, but the classic Saturday morning Filmation series from the early 70's !
Thanks to our friend Steve (Cult-TV Man) Iverson ,Tracy can once again rub elbows with his Ghost Busters team mates Kong (played by Forrest Tucker) and Spenser (played by Larry Storch) !
Here is a sneak peak Bob sent me of the exciting new kit, coming soon, exclusively from Cult-TV-Man !

And more great shots from Steve Iverson , courtesy the Cult TV Man website !

You can still get the great Kogar kit from Cult-TV-Man !

Be sure and check out all the cool optional sets to transform  the Kogar kit into many classic SCI-FI characters!
Keep watching here for updates about when this great kit is available !

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