Sunday, May 19, 2013

E-Gors Gorilla Goodies !....The King !

This installment, E-Gor thrills us with not one, but two great autographs from the great Fay Wray !
And not to be outdone ! E-Gor created this incredible piece of artwork celebrating the lives of Forrest Ackerman, Ray Bradbury, and the great Ray Harryhausen !
After using his devious artistic skills, to capture the likenesses of these 3 gentlemen, E-Gor next turned his attentions to capturing the autographs of each of these amazing men.
Sadly, with the passing of Ray Harryhausen, we've lost all these legends.
But in true legend form, This amazing trio will live on in our hearts and imaginations and continue to inspire skilled artists like our old friend E-Gor here!

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