Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fred Humes and friend....part 2

Time for another check in on the the late great saddle back simian Fred Humes.
We first met Fred in part one of this post. and now shed a little more light on his mysterious past.
 Thanks to the tireless efforts of our fellow historians, the great George "E-gor" Chastain, and the
frighteningly knowledgeable Doctor Kiss, we have uncovered more amazing facts and fantastic photos of  Fred Humes !

A fellow cowpoke to old "Crash" Corrigan!

As these incredible close-ups from "Circus Rookies, 1928", provided by Doctor Kiss show, this version of Fred's mask (different from the one he wore in Lorraine of the Lions) was similar in appearance to both Charles Gemora's and Emil VanHorns masks. The general appearance is nearly identical to Charlie's suit from "The Circus Kid 1928", but the eye opening is like that of VanHorn, a single large opening rather than two individual eye openings.
                                       A pretty nifty cover photo of Fred as "BIMI".

Louise Lorraine and Bimbo the Gorilla in "Circus Rookies  1928".

Compare the Humes head above, to the Charlie Gemora head from "The Circus Kid" below.

There ya go pardners, another cowboy gorilla to hang out with Crash at the Knuckledragger Ranch !

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