Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fred Humes and friend

There are a few guys who've played gorillas over the years who have actually gained a certain measure of fame for their cinematic simian exploits.

For every Gemora, Corrigan, and Burns out there, there are an equal ( or greater) number of sweaty, hardworking guys shambling about in fur, who have received little or no recognition for their efforts.

One such man is Fred Humes.

While primarily a western actor,Fred played gorillas in several film in the 1920's.

Most notably "Lorraine of the Lions 1925" and "Circus Rookies 1928" in which he played Bimbo the Gorilla.Whilst dredging the web for whatever tidbit of info I could find, I came across this article about Fred Humes. While the contents of the text are not complete, It offers a glimpse of Freds formidable alter ego, while describing a bit of the workings of the head.

The suit is beautifully executed, in a style very reminiscent of the works of Charles Gemora.

There are most probably several other films and shorts in which Mr. Humes may have portrayed a gorilla, but as most Hollywood Gorilla Men went uncredited, we may never know for certain how many there were.


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  2. Are we suggesting that the suit that Fred Humes wore in CIRCUS ROOKIES and the Charlie Gemora's suit from CIRCUS KID are one and the same? The suit pictured above that Fred performed in LORRAIN OF THE LIONS looks like a different suit to my eyes, or am I hallucinating?

    Did Fred ever play a Gorilla prior to LORRAIN?