Sunday, July 24, 2011

Gorilla Gang Goes Amuck!

Ape Attack - Gemora in foreground

Now here's the stuff that mysteries are made of! This still is among the images that Charlie's daughter, Diana, had sent along to me a few years ago. Initially I had dismissed the image as possibly belonging to another performer's film but when checking out the image for posting this evening, I have surmised that it is Charlie in the foreground. I cannot for the life of me, figure out what film it may have come from. The suit appears to be the same one used for the Abbot and Costello flick AFRICA SCREAMS(1949), so it would peg the appearance from the early fifties. What I find terribly odd, and a little exciting (for a gorilla geek) is the ape to left of our possible Gemora. Call me crazy, but I will be damned if that isn't Emil Van Horn; the arm extensions and signature mug are hard to confuse with other major Gorilla Men. I spent the day in the sun so perhaps my brain might be cooked but I also think the gorilla facing the opposite direction next to 'Emil' has a profile that makes me think of the suit worn by Art Miles!

Perhaps I should sleep on it and see if I am seeing Gorilla Men where there are none tomorrow. Maybe our resident Gorilla Man himself, The Mighty Bongo, can shed light on this furry conundrum!

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  1. There's a gorilla suit free-for-all like this at the climax of one of Johnny Weissmuller's "Jungle Jim" cheapies, probably MARK OF THE GORILLA. I half-watched it (as I usually do with films of this calibre) but was impressed to see what must have been the biggest casting call in Hollywood history for the gorilla suit boys. I mentioned it to Bob Burns at Monster Bash years ago and he knew about the film, so perhaps he knows more about Zoo's Who in it?