Monday, July 18, 2011

A lot more-a Gemora !

A couple of posts ago, we were treated to photos of Charles Gemoras incredible "Sultan "the gorilla from Phantom of the Rue Morgue.

At the time Charles built "Sultan", he had reached the zenith of his gorilla creating career.

Bob Burns and I have spoken numerous times about the striking realism Charlie was able to achieve in this, his last gorilla suit.

Sultan featured not only the most realistic appearance ever achieved in a Hollywood gorilla, but included water filled bladders concealed in the suit, in areas where the actual heft of a real gorilla would have movement, the chest and belly for instance.

The realism of the face went unchallenged into the late 60's and early seventies.

If you were to say; what about Planet of the Apes ?

I would have to point out that while the ape make-ups were state of the art and utterly realistic,

they were still a blending of human characteristics and apes .

If you put General Ursus and Sultan next to a real gorilla, and asked people which looked most like the real gorilla, Sultan would win hands down.

But Sultan was the last of a long line of Gemora gorillas, who have all been from the very first gorilla Charlie ever made , to the last, always ahead of the pack in terms of realism .

Here, for your enjoyment is a collection of the many fearsome faces of Gemoras Gorillas !

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