Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kogar makes a call !

We'll take a moment to break up the recent posts chronicling the exploits of outer space gorilla men for a moment of monkey mirth from the master !


  1. That's Bob down the street from the apartment of Mark Wolf, the day Bob & Cathy graciously came over to do some schtick for THE NAKED MONSTER, then called "Attack of the B-Movie Monster." Bob played at least 3 gorillas that day-- we just put different hats on him. He is singularly cooperative, imaginative and his comedic timing cannot be beaten.

  2. And as the pose suggests, it was in fact a KING KONG gag. When the heroes at Monster Central are taking monster-fighting suggestions on the Monster Hotline, Kogar calls in, pantomimes crawling up the Empire State Building with his fingers, a fall, and a splat... then hangs up with a satisfied nod.

  3. Thanks for the great background info Ted!