Thursday, October 6, 2011

Madhouse of Mystery

A popular venue for the ol' Gorilla and Girl act were the spook shows that roamed America beginning in the 1930's. Dr. Neff's Madhouse of Mystery appears to be one of the more enduring acts that thrilled audiences with magic and a variety of ghoulish gags. Neff was based out of Indiana and performed there well into the 1950's. The outlandish gorilla and girl photo was recently listed on Ebay and I offer my thanks to George Chastain for the heads up on the pic.

Bill Neff's Madhouse of Mystery - gorilla and girl

Bill Neff's Madhouse of Mystery 1952

Bill Neff's Madhouse of Mystery 1950 Indiana

Bill Neff's Madhouse of Mystery Indiana 48

Neff's spook show 1947

Bill Neff's Madhouse of Mystery 1948 girl

Dr. Neff's Midnite Spook Show


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