Thursday, October 27, 2011

Satan meets the Scream Queen !

Satan the Gorilla (AKA you old pal Bongo ) of "Return of Nyoka " captures "scream queen" Linnea Quigley at the Real Terror Film Festival .
Living up to her title, Linnea shrieked so loud, I nearly lost control of several bodily functions. Footage of the event can be seen on the "bonus materials " menu of
the Sequel "Nyoka Rides Again " available now at


  1. Of the many men who have played gorillas on screen, among the two least known are the man who portrayed the gorilla in the original 1914 version of THE MONSTER AND THE GIRL and Frank Moran, who portrayed the caveman in RETURN OF THE APE MAN but was billed fourth under George Zucco, who was originally hired to play the role but fell ill and was replaced by Moran.

  2. Watch those paws Bongo. I gotta get me a Gorilla suit!

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