Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Chris Walas's Build-Up Gorilla Bash......Part 7...A change of mood !

Reworking the face.

I think of build-up techniques as the finger painting of monster making. Just as in finger painting you can smooth colors around, add more paint, scoop some off, etc., build-up allows you to do a very high degree of reworking.
Now the face that I had done was just fine for the character and there was really no need to redo any of it… however, Drying latex on the hands gave me "waiting" time. I get terribly impatient waiting and so I decided to play a little more with the face on Mogo. It started when I decide to trim down the hair on the top of the head like a lowland gorilla. I found that I had a big empty spot over the brow. Well, I decide the make the brow stand out a little more by sinking the area just above it, so out came a section of latex and foam.

Once I had reworked the top of the brow, it was too late. I was having too much fun so I decided to make some other changes. I chose to sink the entire eye area and bridge of the nose and to add a little more to the center bottom of the brow, again to add a little more menace. So I just hacked out a whole area.

A bit of foam under the brow and it was onto the batting.

I think the changes help and the folds under the eye are a little more balanced and natural.

It may not be that much of a difference, but I think it helps and it kept me busy while I was waiting.

As you can see, Mogo now looks extremely angry. Take note of the more realistic folds under the eyes also. Compare to the mask, from two installments before.
Mogo was still angry, but not nearly as grumpy as he above.



   Up next, Chris will tackle Mogo's monstrously muscle-y forearms !



  1. This is great! I've just read through all of the Chris Walas posts up to this point. As a fan of his work and aspiring fx artist, it's really exciting to see his process. Thank you!

  2. On behalf of Chris Walas and myself, we're glad your enjoying it !