Monday, July 1, 2013

Chris Walas's Build-Up Gorilla Bash !....Part 3 !!!! Monstrous Monkey Mouth !

What do you think so far gang? Is Chris amazing , or what ?!
We left off with Chris "fleshing out " his creation, now Chris turns his attention to primate dentistry !

The inside of the mouth and jaw attachment.
Doing the inside of the mouth in build-up can be the most challenging part of doing a build-up suit. The jaw needs to be aligned and the teeth need to stay out of the way.
The teeh can be made out of almost anything; wood, polyclay, various foams…whatever you feel comfortable working with. I’m using more EVA foam as I’m relatively new to the material and need the practice. I’m doing the teeth in sections so that I can more easily align them.
First up are the upper incisors. I roughed them in with scissors and razor:
I used heavy sandpaper and a hot sculpting tool to finish the form:
Same for the canines. I'll do the molars once I fit these upper and lower sets. I'm using a professional water-based air dry urethane to coat and paint them, but tinted latex works just as well. Be aware that dried latex will stick to itself until it is set with powder, sealer, silicone, etc.

Mogo is a grungy character, so his teeth need to match. I used coral for the gums and washed over teeth and gums with brown before adding a little black where more definition was needed. I fit these into place in the upper jaw. They have to be place as far forward as possible, while still clearing the lower lip when the mouth is shut:
The same goes for the lower set, except they must fit cleanly behind the upper set. I used an additional piece of foam as a riser to get the right height:
Next the canines go in. Make sure that all the teeth have the necessary clearance. Sculpting and casting these sets of teeth will allow a much closer fit, but for a cheap build-up suit it is safer to allow more clearance. The Jaw should close with all the teeth not touching each other:
I can only fit four molars in the space available and these are formed and fit the same as the other teeth:
These were finished off with a hot sculpting spatula:
The tongue is simply a piece of regular polyfoam scissored to shape:
The same cotton batting is used to cover it using more of the tinted urethane:
Bongo again gang !
Can you beleive how cool this looks !
And this is only the first part of the mouth !
Tune in next time, as Chris faces..." The Jaws of the Ape " !!!
Don't miss it !!!!


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