Friday, July 26, 2013

Chris Walas's Build-Up Gorilla Bash !!! Part 8...Fearsome Forearms !!!

OK gang, Lets rejoin Chris Walas in putting together some massive monkey forearms !
Finishing the arms.

So we have the hands done and now all we need to do is attach them securely to the forearms. The forearm foam form is a simple tube. I've done detailed, muscled forearms and the detail was completely lost once furred, so a simple tube will do. The tube should be a good, snug fit so that it holds firm even when you're covered in sweat.

I would give you measurements for this, but yours will almost certainly be different. Just put one of the gloves on and measure the distance from the base of the hand to the very end of your elbow. Now glue the base of the glove to the inside of the tube and glue the bottom of the hand foam to the top of the foam tube.

You'll notice the outer side of the hands stick out over the tube. This is where I'm widening the hand, so I add a section of foam to make the tube match the hand. Then I cut a wide open dart in the wrist. This will be covered with fur and the opening will allow easier wrist movement:

After that, I do the batting/latex down over the joint between hand and wrist. This adds a little more strength to the joint.

I'm using two cheap suits to build one slightly less cheap suit here. Not surprisingly, the arms of the suits are too small in diameter to work so I'm forced to use a section of the legs of one of the suits. (I'm going to be so upset if I run out of cheap suit!!). I marked the pattern on the fur piece in chalk first. I'm going to be gluing the underside of the forearm first so that the very last bit of the top section overlaps the lower section for a more natural look. I'm also allowing a good inch or two of extra fur at the bottom so that the fur can be tucked and glued over the elbow edge and into the tube to help disguise the joint. I won't be doing this , though, until I have the suit together, just in case I need to make any emergency changes. You'll notice in the photo below that I also trimmed the bottom of the tube to round it off.

I'm using an industrial grade spray adhesive for the larger areas of fur, but I like to glue down all the edges with a strong contact adhesive.
Just glue carefully and slowly if you need to, especially at the overlap sections. If all goes well, you're hands/arms should be done (except for paint!)

Next we'll move on to the feet and hopefully get a start on the main suit itself!









  1. You know you can buy that faux fur material directly from fabric stores. It's probably a lot cheaper than paying for the whole Gorilla suit, heh heh.

    1. Not remotely. I bought two full gorilla suits for $50. If I bought fake fur by the yard, that $50 would only get me 2 yards; noit enough for the suit.

    2. Not remotely. The two gorilla suits I bought were $50 for both. $50 would only buy 2 yards of fake fur at a fabric store; not nearly enough for the suit.

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