Thursday, April 1, 2010



It's hard to believe that INGAGI played the roadshow circuit for nearly 25 years or more. Despite the revelation that the film's main attraction, that of native and gorilla coupling, had been exposed as fraud the very year it was released, crowds still flocked in great numbers across the US to see for themselves what the controversy was all about. This ad dates from 1946, sixteen years after INGAGI had it's sensational debut in 1930, yet the copy still proclaims "Attendance records smashed!". While this is most likely to be total hype, the fact that the film remained in circulation is astounding.
Why the Satanic floating head accompanies the proclamations of "Daring! Dynamic! Humane!" I have no idea! But it certainly catches the eye, don't it!

INGAGI (1930) Newspaper ad 4-30-46

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