Saturday, April 24, 2010


GORILLA (1953) Indian

Way, way back when I first began this journey into the mysterious cinematic regions of the Gorilla Men, I recall coming across a mention of an East Indian picture called GORILLA that one would naturally assume, had a gorilla suited lead. Unfortunately, I was unable to uncover much about it and apart from coming across a few muddy pics of lobby cards on Ebay, I haven't given it much thought in quite some time. My usual auction crawl revealed the lovely poster above - and the angry fellow tossing about the native has given me a renewed desire to find this early Bollywood offering. The possibilities of a large scale musical dance number featuring a shaggy simian boggles the mind!
The poster above also features a nicely reworked swipe from THE BRIDE OF THE GORILLA, released two years earlier.

BRIDE OF THE GORILLA (1951) Lobby Card detail

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