Monday, April 12, 2010



Last week's post on gorilla comic book covers was a fine reminder of how much damn fun I once had perusing the comic bins for ape-ly artwork. It was my curious little project Comic Book Gorillarama that lead me down the jungle path to discover the Gorilla Men of Golden Era Hollywood. It seems fitting that I look back to four colour simians of years past and share some of my favourite comic book covers on a regular feature here at G-Men. I usually need a pick-me-up on Mondays after returning to the drudgery of earning a proper living so I can get more Gorilla Stuff therefore you can depend on a regular post highlighting a favourite cover from my CBG Flickr sets. I hope you return again and again to enjoy.

Hawkman was a Golden Age character who finally earned his own title in 1964 for a short lived run but remains today as an iconic DC character. Murphy Anderson bangs out a beautiful cover with Katar Hol facing off with a distant cousin of those winged monkey bastards from The Wizard of Oz. Even though HAWKMAN only ran 27 issues, the Thanagarian policeman had the distinction of not one, but two flying gorilla covers.

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