Thursday, April 1, 2010



Giant Gorilla Head
Oh where does the time go?
It's been five years since I first started scribbling away about Gorilla Men. Though my efforts have ebbed and flowed over these many months, I find I always return to this testament of my strange fascination. This recent lapse lasted longer than than I would have liked but such is life.
Yet, here we are again - and what next? More of the same, naturally, I'm not trying to change the world - just lovin' the monkey, man.
But - before I resume regular transmissions - there needs to be a overhaul of my chosen venue.  I have decided to transfer all the material contained here to a more stable home at Blogger. My current blog software has managed to frustrate me on many an occasion and I have had enough. Add in the prolonged outage caused by a reworking of my hosting provider's software that left this place offline for several weeks without my knowledge and I am ready for a simpler solution.
Frankly, I look forward to revisiting my roots and perhaps trim and brighten a few of my older posts. Not all material will migrate over but I could afford to lose any blog blather not worthy of preservation. Also, the gallery provider I had uploaded much of my pics to went through a refit that has left my former setup inaccessible. No matter - I was planning on expanding the available galleries on Flickr. Lucky me - now I have no excuses to avoid it!
SO- in the meantime, there will probably be not too much in the way of new posts on this outlet, but I might need to break up the renovations with an item or two. Once the work is complete, I will anchor the Blogger page at gorilla Don't spin that dial - I'll bring the new and improved Gorilla Men to you.
If you're curious to see how it's unfolding pop by to the OTHER Gorilla Men. (If you're reading this you're ALREADY here!)

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