Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Even More Emil VanHorn goodies !

While we are on a role with the randy antics of Emil VanHorn, I just dug deep into the files and unearthed these shots of VanHorn at his horny best.

Many of these are from very late in his career, and as such, you can actually see his face mask starting to rot around the eyes and nose ! Emil, apparently would patch it with whatever materials were at hand, as he had difficult times toward the end and couldn't afford to have the head overhauled.

This was a necessity with gorilla men as the rubber the faces were cast from had only a limited life-span before it would start to break down.

All this goopy gorilla nose nonsense did little to slow Emil down as he carried off screaming cuties for quite some time on the strip circuit


  1. I found an interesting article about The French Follies stage show from 1939. It lists, Van Horn and Carlos in their sensational number, "The Gorlla". It mentions the gorilla is from the current film, The Gorilla. IMDB lists Art Miles as the gorilla man, but could it be Emil Vanhorn? And is Carlos, Charles Gemora?

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