Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Gorilla and the Maidens

Emil and dancer

The image above is Emil up to his Beauty and Beast hijinx with a lady of unknown origin but I figured a photo reference would help you appreciate the several newspaper items below. Emil Van Horn spent a good deal of his career based out of Chicago and I often wonder what might have drawn him to the Windy City. Emil appeared under the stage name Tomba for this run, teamed up with Tambo, a snake dancer and his dance mate the Hindu Ape Goddess, Tieda. Triple t's are catchy!

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evh1-31-51 tomba

evh1-31-51 sideline

evh 2 8 51 sideline

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evh 3-8-51 ad

evh 3-8-51 se

evh 2-21-51

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