Saturday, October 19, 2013

Hairy Horrorthon Halloween Countdown! #13 ...The House Of Mystery !

Hiya gorilla goblins! Old Bongo here, getting into the Halloween spirit as Gorilla Man and I count down thirteen days of the creepiest and scariest Monster Monkey Movies!
Like most any movie genre, there are different types of Hollywood gorilla movies.
The first type, is the wild, jungle adventure tales with rip roaring action and wild animals at every turn. The gorilla is usually  a temporary foe for the dashing hero to save a hapless damsel from.
There are also the giant gorilla films, King Kong being the most famous, but in terms of our Hollywood Gorilla Man study, we look instead at films like; Konga, The Mighty Peking Man, and The Mighty Gorga.

But there is another type of gorilla man favorite type in fact...The kind that takes place not in a jungle, but rather an eerie mansion...Or a mad scientists lair.
These are the movies I love to watch during the Halloween season !
The Like many mad monkey aficionado's, I find myself very fond of the Halloween . there is something inherently fun about braving frightful things, and having the crap scared out of us !

That brings us to this countdown! We will count down our favorite creepy, eerie, and downright scary gorilla movies over the next 13 days....OK...maybe not that scary, but you get the idea.

To start off, I'll go with a real classic, House of Mystery !
Just like the title says, this is a mystery story, basically the "Old Dark House" formula.
Guest are invited to a creepy mansion by a mysterious figure who promises them each a fortune.
The hitch in all these scenarios is that the invitees are required to live in the being the key term here. You see, the deal is that should any of the party die, his share will be split up among the survivors. Consequently, it isn't long before greed, suspicion, and bodies start piling up.

This is a really fun movie, with not one, but two beautiful gorilla suits ! The suits are identical and look fantastic. The creator of the suits is unknown, despite the best efforts of some of the foremost  historians  in the gorilla movie genres. The consensus is that they look like the work of the legendary Charles Gemora. Many of the details are consistent with Charlie's work, but for one obvious difference. The eyes. Rather than the customary two eye holes that Charlie used, these suits use only one much larger opening, similar to Emil VanHorn's mask. The gentlemen in the suits are unknown as well. The body language is unique to these fellows.
You can read the entire story below, from a write-up in Movies magazine.

The following pages were generously provided by Charles Gemora documentarian, Jason Barnett.

You can watch it right here gang, so grab your popcorn and a cold drink then kick back and enjoy the show !


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