Monday, March 29, 2010



Bob as Kogar, his first ape suit created with Don Post

There's nothing like a little nod of approval from people you respect. I stumbled across THE SCANDY FACTORY several weeks ago and it has been a regular stop in my weekly web travels. SCANDY is an unabashedly adult celebration of video store archaeology and smut, often linking lovely ladies from retro porn mags to the B grade direct-to-video films that lined the shelves of mom and pop operations that were the cradle of the rental revolution. Someone pass the water. Ahem! I am consistently blown away by the deeply submerged memories that are stirred by the video case scans that appear regularly on THE SCANDY FACTORY. Did I mention boobs? Lots of skin too - it is a ma-toor site so kids allowed.

Anyhow - SCANDY was kind enough to mention yours truly and also post some great pics of the irreplaceable Bob Burns from his stint as Tracy from THE ORIGINAL GHOSTBUSTERS.

Pop on over and enjoy some great pics of Bob and friends.

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