Wednesday, March 31, 2010



I have had the pleasure of seeing various images originating from GORILLA MEN over at MONSTER CRAZY, a superbly engaging horror/sci-fi photo blog but I thought I would pinch an image from MC to hang on my wall.

And where the hell have I been?
Goddamn busy with the BS brutha... a recent trip to the ER for heart palpitations was a nice reminder that the stress and load of my white collar alter ego needs to balanced out with pharmaceuticals and a return to the inane, self gratifying pursuits of old. Time must be made for my furry brethren before the sands run out or I get too bloody old to bother.
With an ever increasing torrent of mind twisting crap that typically occupies my work hours, I feel the imperative to ogle those avid ape men of old and boggle at that the fact that despite the discomfort and misery they endured to perform in those damn suits, myself and others like you, still pause and smile at their monkeyshines.

Be seeing you.

I Love New York by Peter Adams

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