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This mag's been kicking around the Gorilla Den for some time now - hell, it was already sitting in the scanner waiting for me to get my ass in gear.
Truly awful title for the photo spread - polka doesn't quite capture the essence of provactive interspecies courting. The text names the gorilla as Scotty Roche, who apparently learned the craft from his Hungarian poppa who also performed a similar act back in the homeland. Scotty's wife, Diane Revere, is the Beauty to his Beast.
I haven't come across any other references to this particular act outside of this men's mag but the duo worked the Sunset Strip and there is likely local publications of the period that mention them.

GALA cover June 1951

Gorilla Polka page 1

Gorilla Polka page 2

Gorilla Polka page 3

Gorilla Polka page 4

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  1. Not sure if this was posted already. I grew up with Scotty and Diane and Diane is still alive. Their act came from Vaudeville. They performed extensively in the far east during the 1950's, where they adopted their son, Andre, who was the son of a Princess of Siam and a French aviator (scandalous!). Scotty claimed to have been the underage man in KING KONG's suit during the filming due to the real actor not being able to handle the heat. Scotty was underage at the time so he didn't get credit (his father was working on the film and Scotty would hang around the set). I'll put together some pix and get hold of Diane to see if she can provide you with some more info (she's over 100 years old!).