Tuesday, March 23, 2010



MORGAN (1966) Still

Gorilla Men will be on the road for the holiday weekend and back on Monday. I leave you with a still from the British flick MORGAN! (1966). I have yet to view this film but the NY TIMES review is leading me to believe I might enjoy it ;-) The TIMES also has a trailer for the film which doesn't appear to be available on YouTube - check out the link.

Morgan has a thing for gorillas. He dotes upon them. He collects all sorts of simian paraphernalia, and evidently he paints pictures with simian motifs that are popular with the London art set. So strong, indeed, is his involvement that he even looks a little bit like an ape, with his prognathous jaw, his shaggy hairdo, and his Irish sweater that hangs to his knees.

Most significant is the fact that Morgan has dreams and fantasies. He visions himself as a gorilla swinging freely and happily in the trees. He even mixes his passion for gorillas with an enthusiasm for Marxist politics. Once, while visiting the grave of Karl Marx with his Cockney mum, he sees the bust of Marx turn into the head of an ape.

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