Tuesday, March 23, 2010



THE MONSTER AND THE APE (1945) Lobby card Chapter 3
After a real pisser of a day, I was delighted to find a few serials in my mailbox. Now, most might surmise that a gentleman as focused as myself would have snapped up every gorilla suit appearance he could get his mitts on, but I do have other interests that suck up my buying power. Like tiki mugs...or motel postcards...or a score of other silly distractions for a twelve year old who has grey hair and a daughter :-)
But back to the chapter play apes - I have been intrigued by Corrigan's appearance as the titular ape in THE MONSTER AND THE APE (1945) for a good while now. Considering his character is in the damn title, you know you're guaranteed ample gorilla suit action. Having only watched the premier chapter, I am encouraged that he has already seen a decent amount of screen time. So far, so good - decent action and a robot too!
I've tagged on a trailer but the brief shots of Ray Corrigan in his 40's suit are dark and muddy. Still, it gives you a taste of how fun this serial can be.

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