Wednesday, March 31, 2010



I think eluding dinosaurs, giant insects and a temperamental gargantuan ape would have been preferable to the first couple months of 09'. Though my problems are trite relative to the grief many are experiencing across North America and elsewhere, it is hardly consoling when you're in the thick of your own difficulties. Unfortunately, the day to day drama has seriously deflated my efforts to maintain the blog. I thought that the scan posts would allow me to post semi-regularly but I end my days passed out on the couch as soon as the opportunity presents itself.
It also follows that when you don't have the time, a flurry of fun Gorilla Men newsworthy items surface. I want to speak about them in detail but a short synopsis is all I can muster presently.
Firstly, my chimpy chum, Chris (aka Bongo) appears to have solved the Persona Page mystery. After receiving some high res scans of TARZAN stills, the gorilla man spotted the key features of the mystery ape. Somewhat familiar with how the initial suit might be later altered to suit the individual production, Chris makes a very strong case that the ape went toe to prehensile toe with Weismuller. I have not yet been able to do some detailed blow-up comparisons but I don't doubt Chris' instincts; the man knows his Gorilla Men;-)
Second, some fair chap dropped me a line that the apparently unattainable ABC TV film THE IVORY APE was actually available for purchase at SUPER STRANGE VIDEO - two weeks passed and the disc went straight to the player when I arrived home from work. Though far from a classic, the ape is pretty damn cool and Jack Palance steals the film with a powerful monologue that stands heads above the soggy cardboard acting of his fellow stars. More on that another time.
And finally, GORILLA MEN was added to the roster of nominees for a RONDO! I have not had the time to try and muster up any votes or even mention the nomination until now but it is a blast getting the notice from George - Thanks bub!

So - how can I try and get my ass in gear? I have started scanning a goofy kid's book from the seventies BEHIND THE APE BALL that doctors up film and television stills featuring gorillas with truly awful quips. Some are mildly amusing, MOST are definitely not, however, there are a lot of rare images to be found amongst the pages and well worth passing along.
If you happen to know the original source please pipe up and email a tired, busy, aging gorilla man so he can sleep peacefully at night.


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