Tuesday, March 30, 2010



Hollywood Party

The hairy fellow above features in a comedic sequence of the oddball MGM film HOLLYWOOD PARTY (1934). Although the picture had a cast that included Jimmy Durante, the Three Stooges, Laurel and Hardy and even Mickey Mouse, this jumbled musical comedy ensemble failed to excite either audiences or critics. I will give it a gold star because we get to enjoy a bit with an ape announced to the party revelers as "Ping Pong, the son of King Kong". I have the clip on VHS somewhere and I would have to give another viewing before I could recall the details of the few minutes of film. Apparently Ping was striking enough to make it onto the VHS box art below. I have not come across any subsequent appearances so this may have been a one-shot appearance for this suit.

Hollywood Party VHS cover

Although the clip lacks any sign of Ping Pong or any other apes, this excerpt with Jimmy Durante as Schnarzan the Conqueror is good for a chuckle.

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