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I became aware of El Desván del Abuelito a short while ago through some fantastic 50's Spanish Sci-Fi comics that were reposted at PCL LINKDUMP. Tracking back to the source of the pulpy four colour delights revealed a Spanish site that was avidly celebrating both imported North American genre entertainment of the past and the local product as well.
The site's purveyor Pedro dropped me a line back in early December but I haven't had the time to give his work a proper nod. In that email, Pedro shared with me his wonderful post featuring the apes.
There are some of the covers of an ancient Spanish comic character, Roberto Alcázar y Pedrín, created by Spanish artist Eduardo Vañó.
Roberto Alcázar was one of the most famous and popular comic characters between 1940 and 1975 (the long, long years of dictator Franco), with more than 1.000 comics published. He was a "Nick Carter" type, who, helped by the young Pedrín, fought a lot of fantastic enemies: gangsters, robots, mad doctors... and, of course, GORILLAS and killer apes.

Below are a few samples - head on over to El Desván del Abuelito to enjoy the rest.

Roberto Alcázar vs. los Gorilas Asesinos

Roberto Alcázar vs. los Gorilas Asesinos

Roberto Alcázar vs. los Gorilas Asesinos

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