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I came across a one sheet for this film on Ebay some time ago but only recently tried to uncover some information about it. JUNGLE BLUE (1970) has a listing on with a beautiful scan of the pressbook. I have both the uncensored images from the listing and the censored image from -  you can log onto the site and view a high resolution scan without the white bars but I couldn't be bothered. I had wondered if there was any cross species action in this soft porn flick and the credits on onesheet seem to imply this would be so - John Holmes plays Chico (Gorilla). Oooof!
Here's the plot sypnosis - head over to onesheetindex for a good look at the pressbook.

JUNGLE BLUE (1970) One Sheet detail
This is the story of a super human, better than Tarzan and bigger too!

Filmed entirely in the heart of the Amazon jungle, Peru and Colombia, it shows the influence of the torrid climates on the bodies and minds.

Evor, a handsome man, has the super-natural powers to elevate women into heights of passion never known before.

Susan Alison is a beautiful, ambitious woman who is after a legendary treasure of diamonds and emeralds, which are part of the ornament of a tribe of savages in the Ucayale river (a fluent of the Amazon). She flies to Iquitos, Peru, in the company of Hank Rollins, also an adventurer after the jewels.

Jane Royce, a really beautiful girl, is also in the jungle looking after her father, a missionary lost while trying to convert the head hunters. They adventure into the jungle and meet evor. Both girls are aroused to tremendous heights of passion and, one after the other, discover sex with a super human being.

Hank convinces Evor to take him to the tribe in order to get to the jewels; once there, they poison the entire tribe, taking the jewels and Jane as a prisoner. Evor goes to rescue them, jungle style. Susan is attacked by a poisonous snake and Hank is caught by the piranhas; Jane is saved by Evor for a sensual rendezvous in paradise.

Prior to this adventure, Susan and a group of Americans in Peru tried the Yassahuacca, a drug obtained from a tree bark which is capable of bringing the group into an incredible sex orgy.

This orgy and the adventures are paralleled in the story of Jungle Blue, making it a very unique adult motion picture.

JUNGLE BLUE (1970) One Sheet
For uncensored ladies check out the other Flikr images.


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