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I was recently a victim of the age old axiom "If it's too good to be true, it probably is.", so although a new site advertising a Gorilla Suit Construction Workshop claims to be legit, the tongue in cheek copy style has me a wee bit suspicious. But really, how else can one approach a 3 day gorilla suit summit?

In October 2008, you will have the opportunity to make your very own gorilla suit to your own specifications. The two-day workshop will be held in sunny, beautiful West Chester, PA, and will allow you to construct your suit with exactly the items you need (integration with motorcycle helmet? Furry snowboard bindings? Scuba backplate?)

Participants will be provided with raw material (gorilla fur; fiberglass; two-part closed-cell foam; molds; sewing machines), basic patterns, and optional extras (patent reversible sit-on-and-mash'em operatic silk plug hats, monocles, spats, knee sliders for motorcycle racing.)

Participants will create their own suits, pooling their talents, efforts, ideas, and creativity. At the end of the workshop, prizes will be awarded, a fancy-dress ball will be crashed, and a safe full of jewels will be cracked. Yes, I'm perfectly serious.

Boy, I sure hope so! I beg of anyone in the area - attend and send me photos!

Whatever the ultimate attendance cost may be, I have little doubt that it will not be as pricey as HOLLYWOOD GORILLA's exquisitely crafted suits (and nowhere near the quality!). Speaking of HOLLYWOOD GORILLA, I just received a message that he is offering a crazy ass deal on his suits.
Here's what Steve had to say:
Order your complete suit now until May 15th and save $2000.00 off the regular price of a complete suit! Once our “bench” is full we will cancel this offer.
And Halloween season is guaranteed delivery! You will have your suit by September!
Go to, and click on “Pre-Halloween Special” on the home page. That will take you to complete info!
Thanks for letting me intrude upon your email time!
Steve Myers

My thanks to GLYPHJOCKEY for the tip off about the G-Suit Workshop!


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