Friday, March 12, 2010



A quick note here - you know, sometimes this whole technologically sophisticated medium of communicating can be an exasperating pain in the ass. After some grief with the blog software a couple of weeks ago, I have now had serious issues with my webhost these past 2 days. Nothing like going offline when a relatively high profile blog like PCL Linkdump gives ya the nod. Burns my britches, it does. Hopefully, this leaky ship can stay afloat until I manage to work out a more stable option.

And why I am moving all of this content now - almost 2 years later and it's still a pain!

Alright. Back to the reason I'm here. I was sifting through YouTube videos yesterday and was shocked to come across a very brief chat with Janos Prohaska about the Patterson Bigfoot. Naturally there was an assumption that some major Hollywood effects person created the mysterious creature caught on film. Janos gives his two bits on the notion while casually hanging out in an orangutan type suit with a lady who I assume is his wife. I'm very pleased to have stumbled across this - it's the only footage I have viewed of Janos out of his suit.

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