Thursday, March 11, 2010

STARK MAD (1929)

Theatre Slide and printed photo added.

Expect future posts highlighting images from both my online galleries and my hard drive. Rather than force the casual visitor to sift through a glut of gorilla images I thought that a regular post featuring some of my favourite suits and images would be fun for all.

First up - STARK MAD (1929) - a lost film with a striking suit that is unidentified. The plot is typical enough for a 20's/30's flick with an ape; An expedition sets out through the jungle to find a missing explorer, but stumbles upon an ancient Mayan temple that houses a giant ape. (from IMDB). I have only seen a handful of images and stills have been relatively costly on EBay.

 STARK MAD (1929) Still

STARK MAD (1929) slide lit detail

STARK MAD (1929) Louise Frazenda and ape

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